A rant a day keeps everyone away...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I decided my future through...


I'm serious. No shit. I wikipediaed "Game designer" and it requires alot of writing. Most game designers have a cert or something in writing and has nothing to do with art. So ytf game DESIGNer? Why not Game Writer or Game Thinker or Game Planner? OK Game Thinker sounds dumb but game DESIGNer just gives the wrong impression. At least to me it does. It took me 7 years to realise that.

So...I have decided to be a character designer! I know that can't go wrong.
Character + Designer = character designing.

Only reason I'm writing this is to avoid studying for my test tomorrow. Both are unavoidable but I like avoiding them because I'm a licensed procastinator and my mother knows it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

First post for the year!


Happy New Year.


I actually did something for New Years! I got a job at the bank, built a whole lotta houses and almost became a millionaire! While sipping on a cocktail! Ok...I was playing Monopoly (pronounced meh-noh-peh-lee acc. to Annie) while sipping on a cocktail...and forced to be the banker and was accused of embezzlement. So that's basically what I did on NY's, hotpot + alcohol + Monopoly. Sadly I didn't get drunk. Just couldn't count my money right.

Since EVERYONE seems to have a 2008 resolution I decided to make one. I know it won't work but wth.

1. Import a BBgun to shoot at the neighbour's kids when they start bouncing their ball against my back wall during the weekends.
2. Try and get a part-time job that doesn't blow me off every week one day before the job.
3. Play with snow
4. Meet up with Sandy. OMG it's been too long! (btw when is your graduation?)
5. Get in a fckin relationship. (this is one resolution that never happens!)
6. Cook better
7. Start practising my art since it's going down the drain
8. Save more money
9. Pass the 日本語能力試験 Level II and actually sit for the 日本留学試験
10. Go Huis Ten Bosch and Tokyo
11. Try out an onsen...maybe
12. Check out Tokyo Game Festival this year
13. Sleep on a hammock