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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Say hello to...

Gatorman (ゲートルマン)

Gatorman was a result of a trip to the zoo, a model from life drawing class and Semester 5 life drawing final assignment...and also how I have something for crocodiles. (I know alliGATORs and crocs are diff, but calling him Crocman is so off) This was the initial sketch for the final to be done on board with charcoal but lets just say, the final looked way off, and lets not talk about it. In my 3 years of going through the helltime of life drawing, I would say this was my favourite life drawing piece I have ever done. Sadly, it was only scribbled on one of my doodle sketchbooks used in class to kill boredom.

By now you must be wondering ytf have you been made to stare at a sketch of a naked man who looks like he contracted a C-virus (croc virus lol. Resident evil influence) and grew a tail and for no reason has a peacock feather sticking out of his head and for even no reason whatsoever, having a bullhorn out his forehead? I just wanted to show off that I have creativity at being random! Enjoy.

p/s: The model had a nipple ring, thus there's a ring sticking out. I wasn't trying to accessorize him.