A rant a day keeps everyone away...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After reading MJ's autopsy reports, watching his music videos and live performances on Youtube, I take back what I said in the last post. I'm now devastated over his death. It's such a waste. I'll stop here as I need sometime by myself... eventhough I have lots of that already.

14 more days! Weehoo!

That's counting down to home for the summer vacation. Haven't been posting here lately cus I've been posting on my other blog which is more like an art spam blog. Sometimes I wonder why I bother blogging. It's not like anyone reads either of my blog. But wtf. It's not like I comment on other people's blog unless I'm really close so maybe its just retribution. I'm just not an online community person.

I must add that I have 2 submissions due tomorrow that I have yet to complete and I'm just procastinating by blogging unnecessaryly, while asking myself why didn't I do it over the weekend when I had 48 hours at my disposal. I'm still wondering.

Somehow, ever since Heath Ledger's sudden passing, I think I'm rather immune to sudden death of celebrities. When I heard about Aaliyah, I was like whoaaaa...that was sudden...., as the same with Lisa "Left-eye" Lopes. Okay I admit that I had to wiki up her last name cus I kept thinking it was Lisa Lobes or Lisa Loeb but I vaguely remember a Lisa Loeb with glasses who was white with long blonde hair. Interestingly, there seems to be a documentary on her during her last minutes, just before the accident. Well obviously the part after the accident or during the accident was editted but I'm quite interested in watching that documentary. Anywaaays, my point was that when I heard MJ died, I was just "oh...okay." I think I'm still in shock over Heath's death. Maybe it's because I watched him grow from that troubled teenager in 10 Things I Hate About You to a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain to the best Joker in Batman history. All I remember from MJ was him standing between two trees with the wind blowing really hard while he stamps his feet. Yup, that's the Earth Song, my favourite. Okay while typing this entry I had to look through Wiki and Youtube for reference that I've lost my focus on what I wanted to write. Not that I had a purpose in the first place but whatever. I'll end it here since Earth Song is playing on Youtube right now.