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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Contributing data to the internet world

In contrary to a certain best friend saying that my blog was a "waste of internet space". Well, you can't blame me since my last post was in January about job hunting and here I am, almost end of June and still jobless. Just reading the previous post makes me depressed. So best friend, I hope you're happy. This post is for you!

Recently my classmate told me her first impression of me is totally different from what I actually am. Initially she thought I was a serious and hardworking person from the way I introduced myself and greeted her. Boy was she wrong. I have no idea how I actually give out that impression cus if you know me well enough, "serious" and "hardworking" are definitely not in my books. I continued by asking her when did she "discover" my true colors. She said "Hmm...not that long after. You sorta destroyed that image rather fast".

In another case, today my lecturer reshuffled our seats because she thinks working around the same person for too long will "influence" our work. What a load of bullcrap. As if when you work in the industry, your boss will just make an announcement and reshuffle everyone's cubicle. Well now I'm stuck with this guy who I suspect is a damn loli-con (and sorta a loser) on my left and on my right is a guy who probably can count with his left hand how many times he had a conversation with a girl in a year. In other words, I have noone to rant out to during the deepest darkest hours of my 3D modeling class. So with my motivation level down to -5% after that, I didn't feel like modeling my 3D NY Times Square even though I was quite hyped up about it 5 minutes before. Just to kill time, I was googling what building goes where and the names of the buildings for fun. Seriously, it has VERY little relevance to my actual work. Upon seeing how into I was into drawing a map of portion of Times Square, a guy 2 seats away was like
"Wow, look at Koe-san. She's so detailed in her work."
The guy beside him turned and continued "Whoa yeah, you're even drawing it all out."
I turned around and said "Not really. I just don't feel like doing any work."
Guy #1: "....that was disappointing...."
Guy #2: "....whoa that was unexpected...."
So there. That's how I ruin whatever high image they have of me.

Malaysia Boleh.


Blogger Jacque said...

You recently sound so depress somehow, but how you rant about your classmates is still making me laugh... XPPP

I don't seem to catch you online often, maybe because I'm not online much myself in Malaysia, but hope you're doing ok, Kon :)

August 18, 2010 at 12:54 AM  

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