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Friday, July 10, 2009

Classroom Plagarism Law

...is what I wish for. I'm honestly sick of people stealing my ideas and using it for their assignments. Honestly, Idea Thieves are worst than Art Thieves. Not that I've ever had my art stolen, well technically once in LKW, but that was just an idiot who was looking for a free ticket for his life drawing submission. The difference with stealing art is you have solid proof that's enough to defame the poor bastard for life. A signature, raw data file, sketch, anything can be presented to prove that your art was stolen. But what about ideas? There aren't any ways to prove that THAT was originally your idea. In my case,

Case 1 : Limkokwing GDD Semester 3, I made a map for a local tourism poster assignment pointing out the various tourist spots. In the next assignment, TA-DA another classmate used a map as his design. Well maps are rather common so I didn't give that much of a shit about it so lets move on to...

Case 2 : Web Design Semester 1, we had an assignment to design a website for this new shopping mall called Breeze Breeze. My concept was design + youth since the mall was rather artsy fartsy so Breeze = fresh = green and just to throw in something different and young, I used orange as my main colors. We had progression evaluation halfway during the assignment so we got to see everyone's website (which I think was a shit idea cus this whole thing wouldn't have happened if there wasn't one) and this certain classmate's website theme was yellow flowers for borders. Me? I used Flash for my top page and vector motifs and green and orange. My lecturer sort of pointed out my design as an example of a good design for a website as well as commented on using Flash. 2 weeks later, we had our presentation and when I saw that certain classmate's website, it was...green and orange. Just a different shade. And flash. My flash was a vertical image slideshow, hers was horizontal.

Case 3 : My sort of Graphic Design class, in the previous assignment we had to design a summer festival poster. The point of the poster was to attract people by making them think the festival is fun. (which festival isn't?) My theme was to make it look like an American comic and in different panels where the various activities of the festival. Note: I used thick black outlines. The next assignment was to design either Terminator Salvation or Transformers 2 poster leaflet. While walking past a classmate's working station, lo and behold, thick black outlines and....suprise! various panels.

Case 4 : Current assignment and also a design contest. There's no prize money or even any consolation but the chosen's poster design will be up on every corner of Osaka city. Which is a very good thing for your resume and pride. It's a fire prevention poster with the motto that goes something like "prevention comes first"...I think. So I designed all the Osaka icons (eg.: Glico man, Douraku crab, Kuidaore Taro p/s: Sandy if you're going "Wtf is all that shit", I suggest Mr.Google) holding a fire extinguisher. I personally liked how Glico man jumping in the air with one leg up holding the extinguisher up with both hands. My lecturer liked it too. Well, he seems to like everyone's design but I'll take it as he really likes it since he told me to put it in my portfolio. Yes, he only told ME that....I think. So while I was bored I walked over to this certain classmate (refer to Case 2) and she was still sketching her idea and....it was Glico man holding up a fire extinguisher in....both hands! What a coincidence!

End of case study.