A rant a day keeps everyone away...

Monday, September 3, 2007


...translation? I PLAN to study. Whether I do it or not, it's the thought that counts. Deshou?

How my study plans have evolved into...a whole lot of plans. I had planned to cook a nice breakfast (pancakes, sausages, eggs and hashbrowns...yummm) then clean my room before afternoon last Sunday. Then study the rest of the afternoon. Turns out, I woke up AFTER afternoon...if there's such a thing...at about 1.30pm. Turns out my pancake batter was rotten (no shit Sherlock, it was in the fridge for a week and a half...or more?) so I had a pancakeless brunch. Cleaned my room in what I would quote my mom "kwai wak foo" way, direct translations: A ghost drawing a talisman, direct translations: A very effortless job. Packed like 3% of my stuff in a box in preparation to move on the 15th of this month, and then...STUDY TIME!...or not.

Ended up having Audition sessions (the game, not *insertcountry*Idol sessions) till night without studying or touching my schoolwork. Hesitated for about an hour on whether or not to cook dinner or instant-noodlefied dinner then lay my books neatly on my table to PREPARE to study. Ended up in my futon asleep till 10pm. I finished my homework then got distracted by a friend who invited me to play Solitaire on MSN. Shiet that game is soooo addictive.

Today, I PLANNED to study again. Got home at about 4pm and decided to take an hour nap then start studying. Got in bed, turned on my DS and played the evening away. And no, I didn't take a nap. Took a shower yadayadayada and again, sat down in front of the neatly laid kyoukashos (textbooks). 2 minutes later, I'm on my futon waxing my legs.

Done with waxing I plan to continue my study session. And here I am typing this. And no, I haven't started studying yet. Probably after this, if I don't get astrayed AGAIN!

p/s: Yes I lied in my previous entry. I didn't update the Merdeka spirited quotes because everyone was out on Merdeka eve celebrating and leaving their MSN's online while I was being kind enough to wish them without getting any replies.