A rant a day keeps everyone away...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Osaka here I come...maybe?

Getting into college in October...yayness! Problem is college is in Osaka, and doesn't help that its in a the heart of Osaka, meaning housing there will cost a bomb, meaning no more waking up one hour before class and walking down the street and still be on time, meaning I have to go through rush hour on the trains every morning. Well, I did always love city life, but definitely with a car. Well, maybe I can use this chance to finally get on the "ladies train" that I hear so much about. I've rode on one but it wasn't peak hour so it was just a normal train/carriage/whatever you call a part of a train.

So, list of things that will happen and things I need to do:
1. Orientation starts on 1st of October
2. Japanese classes finish on the 26th of September
3. Need to move out completely from my current place on 30th of September
4. Need to find a place in Osaka before I actually can do list items no.1-3
5. Try to figure out my finances since I kind of blew most of my pay on my trip to Tokyo
6. Endure part-time job till September the 10th
7. Wait for House season 5 on the 19th of Sept. (ok not so important but i just watched the season 4 finale and got teary :P)
8. Hope to go home for winter vacation.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Chat Bat Rat Internet

I just made an amazing discovery and I'm bored enough to blog about it! I'm currently using 3 chat programs (sometimes 4) which are MSN Messenger, gtalk and Skype and each program is used with different groups of people; Skype is for friends from my current school so half the time its set on Japanese keyboard settings, gtalk is mainly with friends from AMD days, but sadly I don't use it as much as last time. MSN is mainly with people who I am very close/RL friends and people who still care for me LOL. Occasionally the "i-need-help-kthnxbai" friends pop up on MSN thus the 24hour "away" status. At least I have an excuse as to why I'm ignoring someone ;)

There is also the Yahoo Messenger, but usually used when all other chat programs fail. I think I still have an AIM account somewhere and ICQ. #9950337 is my account number. LOL I still remember it after 11 years.

p/s: I take back about 3/4 of what I said about the cook from the previous post. Either he got smacked in the head and became nicer or he had a temporary memory loss and forgot he was nasty. The other day he asked me something in Chinese and I was like "eh?" I think it was Chinese, not so sure. Then he asked me "You're not Japanese right?" and I said no I'm not. *thinks* "Did you forget about making fun of my Japanese before?" Then he asked me where I'm from so I said Malaysia (truly asia) and he was like ohh... Weird. But lately at least he says excuse me or he sounds abit nicer than before. When I pass an order to him he doesn't grumble bout it like last time. *cross my fingers he stays that way all the time* Today he actually helped me with something which suprised me. And it was during his meal. Extra suprised.

I still refuse to take back what I said bout the fucker asshole. Forget B, he has been upgraded to Fucking Ass. uncensored. fullstop. I hate him wholeheartedly. If there was a license to kill only one person in you life, at the moment he will be that person. Example today, I was taking out a plate of fried rice and I wasn't sure how to serve it. UNFORTUNATELY that fucking asshole was the only one there and I HAD to ask him. Honestly, Japanese people eat every damn thing with just chopsticks, from steak to rice, so you'd expect them to eat a normal plate of fried rice with a damn pair of chopsticks. When I asked fucking asshole he was like you have to serve it with a ladle-spoon. So I was like OK. But NOOOOOO its not fucking enough for him. HE HAD to add:
"if you don't eat with a spoon how are you gonna eat? Try and think about it."
I was so fucking close to throwing that plate at his face. Then I forgot to serve soup with that damn plate of fried rice but since his Oh-so-greatness told me this morning to serve it with every plate of rice he HAD to come all the way to where I was and said "You forgot didn't you? I told you this morning about the soup." and I'm thinking FUCK YOU I'm fucking busy and if you have the fucking time to come up to me and tell me about SOUP you can fucking take it by yourself and serve it you fucking asshole. Again I felt like pouring the whole pot of soup over his head and burn him. Not like anyone would care and it'd do the world a favor.

I'm pretty sure he's not well liked in university. Today a colleague commented that it was rude (obviously she commented in a polite way. she was Japanese) that he was calling the manager "oji-san" which either means old man or uncle. He was bragging to a new colleague that he calls the manager "oji-san" and sometimes "ossan" which is considered rude for Japanese I think. She was quite an elderly woman and she kept saying "it's not good to call him that". Then he wanted to show off even more and started calling the manager "oji-san" when he came in. The manager just grunted an annoyed sound. I wonder how thick his skin is. I hope he never gets a job in Japan and is forced to go home and work at some 3rd grade company which hires just about anybody and pays him peanuts. *prays*