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Monday, April 21, 2008

Good shit!

Best vid I've watched on YouTube in awhile:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I want...

...a PS3 reaally reaaally badly. Like reaaaally badly.


Sunday, April 13, 2008


...that are so bad, you'd feel like crying.

What made me rant bout how bad endings are a real bitch was cos I was as usual procastinating a task that was due 2 weeks ago by my very friendly-if-you're-in-her-class Japanese teacher by watching this show which I had been waiting for since January after watching the trailer that was seriously breath-taking. It's actually an online game in a game, meaning its an offline game, that turned into an anime as a sequel, then made into a game again as a sequel of the first game, and made into an anime as prequel to the sequel of the game then made into a fully 3D CGI movie of the sequel of the game that was compiled in 3 games. But if I think about it now, I think in between there was an anime of the prequel to the first game and later a novel of the prequel to the sequel of the anime of the sequel of the first game. Lost? Go wikipedia .hack.

Anyways, the movie was a big disappointment storywise. The 3D was cool and well made, with details like hair strands and character design blablabla but story? As no no as purikura. This made me think back of all the bad endings that I have encountered.

Personally, I think the most important part of a movie/story is the ending. People usually ask, "Hey, you remember what happened at the END of that movie blablabla" not "Heyy, you remember what happened in the middle of the movie when blablabla". Stupid examples make good points. And sadly most creative writers fail to satisfy viewer's needs to a perfect ending. I think I learnt in one of my class that everyone's tastes are different so there is no perfect ending. But at the very least, make a goddamn decent one. So here is my compilation of bad endings. I'll make a list so you'd avoid reading in case I'd spoil you before you on stuff you haven't read/watched: From Hell, most King of Fighters series, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Pirates of the Caribbean, War of the Worlds, Dragon Tiger Gate, The Departed, I can't think of anymore at the moment.


OK, From Hell was just unsatisfying. One minute you see cool JDepp and next he's wasted to death.
FFVII was just, more of a wtf thing. Somehow most Japanese movies/animes/games/whtever have the tendency to stab, shoot or kill the main characters and they come up fine and dandy with sparkling candy to save the day. Same goes for FFVII: stabbed, shot, and at the end fine and dandy.
PotC? They should've just stopped at part one, like Matrix. Just cos LOTR could pull off a trilogy, Harry Potter would be pulling a seventology (no idea what you call that) doesn't mean everyone can.
War of the Worlds. If you watch it, you know.
DRAGON TIGER GATE??? As I said waaaay back, ah bengs in Hong Kong+Japanese comic osplay fighting like a cheap TVB kungfu series. I swear the main bad guy's costume was from a game I played...This is hands down the worst chinese movie I have ever watched.
The Departed? Go watch Infernal Affairs. Even if you have to watch a trilogy to get to the same point as The Departed. Oh wait, skip part 2 of Infernal Affairs. Edison Chen is in it.

And lastly the mother of all bad endings no doubtly goes to: King of Fighters '99 (i think) Hong Kong comic by Hui King Sum. I even remembered his name to avoid buying the same mistake. Let me just summarise the whole story:
KOF main characters fight, reveals new boss called...King! KOF peeps tries to fight King and gets killed one by one. Then, TADA the main character (Kyo) shows up and gets pissed off for him killing his friends and fights. He too lost to King and King starts laughing because he is now the strongest man in the world. He laughs and laughs and he explodes and dies because he had too much power and the power that exploded somehow revives all the KOF peeps that he killed. THE END.

Now you know what I mean. Honestly, I just wanted to share that shit of an excuse you call a story since I paid 3 bucks every week for that crap all the way till the end. Ok, technically my dad paid for it so I'm trying to make his penny worth it. So I hope you all enjoyed that story.