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Friday, March 7, 2008

Purikura Wars

Today I finally remembered why I hate purikura. WTF is purikura? google it. Today was my Intermediate class farewell party and seriously, its nowhere near a real party.
Point 1: No alcohol. The last party I went to without alcohol was at my own birthday party when I was 8. Even in middle school we at least had beer in the punch...thanks to my sis.
Point 2: Shit planning. Although the organizer cried twice in a day because of the party, there isn't a likely chance she'll be reading this so yeah, the party sucked. It was fun for awhile but thats all. Our class teacher didn't even make it to the party to show how much fun she predicted the party was going to be. Even the food wasnt great. Plus the fact people don't eat according to their share since the dinner is prepared per head. So I paid 3200yen basically just to drink free flow of soft drinks, which were hogged by the same people who didn't eat according to their share. I swear even latecomers ate more than me.

Yeah the first paragraph has nothing to do with purikura so this is where the puribitching starts. The first time I ever took a purikura pic was in Singapore when I was 15. I only had a close friend with me so it didn't seem so bad. The next time was after graduating high school. Us almost 10 girls stood in a tiny booth to take a microscopic pic. The machines weren't even bilingual without any English help and the attendants were rude as fck. So really, what ARE these things doing in Malaysia? I'm sure every Tom, Dick and Harry, or in this case, any Siti, Ah May and Selvi would know how to work this fully Japanese machine out. Camera aims at our feet and clicks! and our first pic was wasted on the beauty of our worn out sandals n sneakers. Attendant says its our fault for pressing the button (which was conviniently outside the booth while we were inside) so no refund. Blablabla take pics while holding in your breath and TADA u have a 3x3.5cm sticker picture! After that someone gets pissed when they see only a strand of their nostril or a finger or tip of the left eye while others get a half-body shot. Things start to get ugly, people walking out while refusing to take their share of the sticker blablabla life goes on.

Today same thing happens. 8 people stuffed in a booth, trying to take miniscular pictures. One gets pissed off, asks for her money back since she's not in the pic at all and walks off pissed and unpurikura-ed. I guess i was alil luckier. I think I spotted my eye. After you've taken the pic, there's more to come. Designing that lil fck purikura. Of course the girls who stood in front runs to the design panel. Grabs the stylus and starts putting flowers and princessy crowns on themselves. I fcking swear all the pics turned out pink with flowery borders. The "designers" get cute ribbons, cool sunglasses, shiny tiaras, etc. What do you, the redundant ones get? Afros, half a ribbon or crown (or more like your face or whatever that you managed to get a pic of was covered by the "designers'" cute accessories) or ugly ass shit stuff. And no they won't consult you. Afterall you paid to take a purikura of them, not with them. They're just using you to cut down the overall price.

Seriously, I'd rather use that money and play a good game of shooting at the arcade instead. Same price, more fun, less hassle. Even holding a shotgun playing House of the Dead 3 and playing a whole stage ain't as tiring as fighting for a spot in a purikura. And trust me, holding that shotgun is dead tiring. I have yet to see the pics I took just now but I really don't give two fcks (Azavedo, 2004) about it. Probably going to stick in on my red electronic dictionary not because of the memory, but cus the paint is peeling off.

So unless you have less than 6 people you're quite safe to go but advisable to go with only close friends who wouldn't go off crying when they only see half of their body in the pic. I end this endless long bloody rant with "Say NO to PuriKura".