A rant a day keeps everyone away...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Jingle bells Batman smells Robin layed an egg...

Dear Diary,
On Christmas eve I...
- ate kimchee nabe while listening to Thai music
- did not receive any Merry Christmas messages because noone wants to pay to send me a text message (actually I got only 2, and one of them was by request)
- did not get my White Christmas I had imagined since in every Christmas movie or drama it conveniently starts to snow when the clock strikes 12am
- watched a totally unnecessary Cantonese movie. by the end of the movie you're left to wonder, what was the point of this movie. at least it has not overthrown Dragon Tiger Gate as most unnecessary, irrelevant, pointless HK movie in my list.

On Christmas I...
- woke up at 3pm and lazed till evening
- was too lazy to buy food so feasted on snacks. so much for carved turkey
- had a hot bath and had to get out of it after 10 minutes cus I got dizzy LOL
- read really corny n cheesy teen romance mangas. its addictive but really...cheesy. how many gang members in dark alleys are that good looking and would fall in love at first sight for you? yeah rite! (not to mention is actually secretly the son of some huge corporation and has a fortune awaiting him)
- blogged about Christmas

I wonder what I'll be doing for New Years... :D

Saturday, December 15, 2007


...aren't what it used to be anymore. :(

What I used to do during weekends was hanging out (at 1U or Laundry most of the time to check out my 2 hotties LOL. u know who they are sandy ;D) till wee hours or until I get the ever-so-popular "call from mummy" about how late it is or "do you know what time it is" or "do you plan on coming back?"...in which those questions do not actually have an answer because if I do tell her the actual time I'd get yelled at for being smart and if I really do not plan on going home that night...I knowwhat'll happen the next day. Anyways my point is how I don't do anything on weekends anymore...when I don't have anyone to call me to ask about the time!

Most of my weekends are spent by me getting up in the afternoon, lazying around, cooking instant meals to eat while watching my TV shows then that's it. In case of times where exams are near (like now) I'll add in some studying but other than that its still the same thing. I call this the "out of pajamas into pajamas" weekends. Cus when I wake up and laze till evening, I know I won't be going out so why bother dressing up. Just shower and get back into nice warm PJs. I supposedly got a part-time job on the weekends but seeing how the guy has screwed us over 2 weeks in a row, I'm in doubt whether I got the job or not.

So there, my weekly-weekendly great adventure. Not that I'm complaining that life here sucks, I really enjoy it here and I think my liver would survive another 5 years since I moved here, and noone to wake me up every Sundays. But I guess without anyone nagging at me I got a whole lot more lazier. If only the shops/bars/pubs/malls in Japan doesnt close so early or wipe me out of my monthly allowance life would b perfect. Throw in a car (with Sandy in it) that doesn't run out of fuel as a bonus and I'm in paradise.

So now excuse me while I get into another pair of pajamas for the day.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I is for Greedy...

...and yes I can spell. (to sandy if you're reading this)

No thanks to Sandera talking about food with me made me made this list. Thats a whollotta mades. Anyways I'm making a list of food I wanna eat when I'll be back in March!!! I quote a friend who said I would "Roll back home" in March because of winter but I think I'd be rolling back to Japan in April instead....or I might just roll both ways.

1. Fatty Crabs!!!! (bcos Sandy said fatty n the first thing I thought of was this)
2. Cheese Crabs and mantaos!!!!! mmmm.....
3. Taiwanese beef noodles in SS2
4. the night market food in paramont
5. any mamak stall esp in SS15 (Selva's + Darus)
6. Hokkien noodles from Uptown
7. alchohol
8. William's :D

and I can't think of anything more. Anyone who's reading this and plans to take me out for FOOD, please cross out Sushi King, Genki Sushi, Mr. Teppan, Sakae Sushi, Kiku Zakura or any of resemblance to those outlets in your list...if you have one. I know this entry makes me sound like a pig but what do you expect when you only have 6 pieces of inari from Nakamura in winter! The other pigs got to the discounted unagi sushi before me. :(

p/s: to rina, didn't know you actually read my shit! I feel honored.