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Monday, December 15, 2008


Last week Barrett was admitted into a doggie hospital (or vet if you prefer) cus he suddenly couldn't walk and was diagnosed of being paralyzed. Temporary or permanent, we have no idea because Malaysia has great animal medical facilities that there isn't any MRIs for animals so the vet can't pintpoint where he hurt his spine and how severe it is. He was on meds since last Sunday and til today, according to the vet, he's not responding to the medications, which is a bad thing since its been about a week. Mom mailed me today and said that at the worst case he might have to do surgery, which is only a 50/50 chance and the surgery itself costs a bomb. So she's debating whether or not to do the surgery. And if the surgery fails, the only choice is to put him to sleep because keeping him wouldn't be fair to him since he won't be able to move or walk for the rest of his life. Typing this is already depressing. I'm only hoping that he just bruised or sprained his spine and its nothing too severe and he'll heal soon but its hard to tell since, like I said, the medical facilities for animals here is fucktastic. I just can't wait to see him this Sunday and give him a big, warm squeeze and kiss him. That's all I'm looking forward to this time I'm going home. Sadly I won't be able to spend much time with him this time since I'm not sure when he'll be discharged or if he'll get better during my 3 weeks home.

While I was on the phone with my mom, I heard another disturbing story that she heard from the vet thats treating Barrett. Apparently there are roll up in their shiny Mercedes Benz with their pets to the vet and when they're given the estimate bill of medical costs, they just told the vet to put their pet to sleep, because apparently getting a new pet would be cheaper than paying for the medical bill. Heartless bastards.

So anyways,...


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